Our Estates

Butterfly Island, Majidun, Ikorodu

IMHDC Butterfly Island is a classy & serene fully serviced estate, located 100meters off the main road at Majidun by LAMATA bus depot, Ikorodu.

Lagos Affordable Homes Scheme, Ibeshe, Ikorodu

The Estate is nestled within a serene environment in an existing LASG HOMS site, and bordered by the Pristine waterfront giving it beautiful scenery and tranquillity.


In December 2016, a Joint Venture agreement was signed between Lagos State Government and Industrialised Mass Housing Development Company Limited to create a special purpose vehicle (SPV) named IMHDC Ibeshe & IMHDC Butterfly for the construction of affordable homes in Ibeshe and Butterfly Island, respectively.  Both projects are located within prime areas in Ikorodu, Lagos.


Do you have questions about our estates or prototype houses? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Affordable Homes, lbeshe located?

    It is located within lbeshe Housing Estate along the Owode-lbeshe road. Affordable Homes, Ibeshe is the phase 3 of the estate and is bordered by serene waterfront giving it a tranquil scenery. It is situated on the road leading to biggest ferry terminal in lkorodu and the access roads are all tarred and complimented with good infrastructure.

  • Who are the owners/developers of Affordable Homes?

    It is a public private partnership between Lagos State ministry of housing  (public) and Industrialized Mass Housing Development Company limited (private).

  • What type of title document does the estate have?

    Certificate of occupancy vested in lbile Holdings Limited (Lagos state investment arm)

  • Are there any encumbrances on the property?

    There are none

  • What are the different property type available for sale?

    The estate comprises of 1-bedroom flats, 2-bedroom flats, 3-bedroom flats & 3-bedroom Terrace Duplexes.

  • What is the unit prices of the property?

    2 Bedroom Flat at N20,000,000.00 (Twenty Million Nalra) 3 Bedroom Flat at N25,000,000.00 (Twenty-Five Million Naira) 3 Bedroom Terrace Duplex at N32,000,000.00 (Thirty-Two Million Naira) & Water Front Corner Piece Duplex at N35,000,000.00 (Thirtv Five Million Naira).

  • What are the payment options for purchasing the property? And are there other cost?

    12-month flexi payment spread with 25% initial deposit and balance spread And are within maximum of 12 months. Or, Mortgage financing provided by IMHDC partner mortgage institutions. N500,000.oo  payable for documentation.

  • Is the road to the estate motorable?

    Yes. The access roads are all tarred.


  • What do I get after the initial deposit?

    Receipt of payment, provisional allocation

  • What do I get after completing payment of property?

    Deed of Sublease transferring title to the buyer.

  • I can I re-sell my property?

    Yes, when full payment has been made and title transferred accordingly.

  • Can I pay cash to your agent?

    Payment should be made via managers cheque or online bank transfer to the designated account of Industrialized Mass Housing Development Company Limited

  • What happens if I cannot continue with the payment and wish to withdraw my interest? Can I get a refund?

    Refund of deposit made is paid less 10% of amount paid. This refund payment is only payable upon the successful resale of the subscribed unit to another subscriber.

  • How do I subscribe for the property?

    Fill and submit the subscribers form with the required information and submit via email (services@imhdclagos.com) Th ereafter, an offer letter will be issued detailing the terms and payment information for the purchase of the property.

  • Can I move into the property now?

    No. The houses are not fully ready for occupancy yet.

  • Can I remodel or upgrade the finishing specification of my property?

    The interiors can be remodelled or upgraded subject to review and approval of the developer and strictly at the cost of the buyer. However, no changes can be made to the exterior of the building.